November 12, 2021

6 SEO Trends For 2022 And Beyond You Should Be Aware Of

SEO or search engine optimization is a crucial strategy for digital growth today. And it seems that this fact will not change in the foreseeable future. SEO is optimizing websites and content for maximum search engine visibility for those unfamiliar with the concept. If you’ve ever googled something (which we mostly have), the top results are those with the best search engine optimization.

Organic search provides up to 53.3% of traffic to companies across various industries. So it’s safe to say that businesses should still focus on SEO strategies. A good portion of sound SEO tactics is knowing what new trends to watch and executing on them. So let’s talk about new SEO trends for 2022 and beyond and how businesses and professionals should implement them.

Rising employment in SEO

With college tuition rising at unprecedented rates, people are now searching for other employment alternatives that could provide more economic promise. SEO should be on that list as it mainly doesn’t require a college degree for the most part. 

On Upwork alone, there are over 8,500 job openings for SEO. So the SEO future 2022 seems to promise looks a lot like an employment haven for those who want to find an in-demand industry. Additionally, many SEO training courses are available online that will cost significantly lower than college tuition and provide great job opportunities. Although for those who might still want to pursue a college course related to SEO, a degree in business, marketing, data science, or IT is the best option.

A shift to more long-form content

On top of catchy web page titles, what catches search engines’ attention is long-form content. Nowadays, the most optimized content are those with up to 1,000 words or more in them. Therefore, content marketers should focus on creating longer blogs that provide more in-depth knowledge and information. 

Backlinking will also still be a strong plus. Many SEO software for small businesses will help analyze blog content and show whether it needs more optimization. Focusing on short sentences that pack more value versus bombarding an article with repetitive keywords is more favorable in the eyes of readers and search engine crawler bots.

The rise of voice content and search

One of the more notable SEO recommendations for 2022 is the rise of voice content and search. Devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Nest make voice-command features at home a more present norm in households.  Facebook has also adopted voice features like the Facebook room to rival Clubhouse and added podcast tabs on Facebook business pages. 

This rise of podcast content should also indicate that there will be a big push for voice in the coming years. Businesses should focus on creating more voice content. Consider running a branded podcast as part of your content strategy.

Working with video content

Apart from voice content, video is another strong contender for search engines. Ever since Google acquired YouTube, there has been a strong presence of video content on Google’s searches. 

Create video content to upload on YouTube, provide links, and embed them to your website in strategic ways. Ensure that your video content adds informational or inspirational value to people. Inserting video transcripts help with SEO a lot too. In most cases, companies would add the transcript to their website and add the link to their YouTube descriptions.

Mobile still on the rise

By 2025, 73% of internet traffic will come solely from mobile devices. So, it seems that mobile responsiveness is now a vital requirement for any website for the most part. 

That’s why companies should start working with content management systems as they make it so much easier to ensure a site is mobile responsive. 

Web designers and developers are starting to shift their strategies and build mobile-first user experiences. Create content that adjusts well to mobile devices. For example, ensure that graphics and videos work well on smartphones and tablets. 

The gravity of the EAT Principle

Google has emphasized heavily on the EAT principle in recent times. EAT is an acronym that stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. At the rate that fake news proliferates through digital channels, large tech companies have been on a campaign to verify facts more effectively. Facebook’s fact-checking bots are running on hyperdrive, and Google’s algorithms are working towards using more artificial intelligence to verify sources more effectively too. 

One strategy to help your website’s EAT is to get more mentions from credible sources. For example, start guest posting on authoritative websites and add necessary backlinks to show your site’s credibility and authority.

SEO a Strong Source of Business Growth

SEO in 2022 will have some changes here and there, but some things remain the same— like the fact that it still works wonders for the bottom line. For instance, Leads from SEO have a 14.6% close rate, leaps greater than the 1.7% from outbound marketing strategies. So it’s crucial that your website still keeps improving its SEO and businesses keep finding ways to optimize their platforms and content.