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Backlink Checker and Monitoring Tool

SERPtimizer´s Backlink Checker allows you to analyze any domain for backlinks and monitor for changes in the link profile with weekly updates. Find out immediately when your competitors receive new backlinks. Backlink monitoring is essential for your backlink building.


Backlink Checker Overview

The overview page of the backlink checker shows you the total number of backlinks to a selected domain with all detailed information:

Number of backlinks: The Number of referring backlinks to the selected domain and number of referring domains. The number of backlinks is one of the most important factors for a successful website. The more backlinks you have, the higher your visibility.

Referring IPs and subnets: Make sure, that the backlinks you get are coming from different IPs and Class C Subnets. To many backlinks from a low number of subnets or number of IPs would show an unnatural backlink profile.

New & Lost Backlinks: You see how many new backlinks have been added and the number of lost backlinks.

Follow / No-Follow: The ratio of follow to no-follow backlinks. Both link types are important for a successful link building.

Anchor Texts: The text within a link is called Anchor Text. Anchor text has a big influence on the visibility of a keyword. If a keyword is often used in Anchor texts, the visibility of this keyword in search engines increases.

TLD Distribution: Distribution of backlinks to top-level domains.

Top links: Here you can see all used link URLs to your website and their number.

All Backlinks

This page displays all found Backlinks with source & target URL´s, the title of the source page, link type (follow / no-follow) and the content of the link or image in case of an image link. The details of the backlinks are updated weekly to ensure you are current on the continuous changes of the backlink profile. Users are also able to filter the search results for better results.

New & Lost Backlinks

The tool monitors the backlinks of your competitors and analyzes new backlinks they gain. You should take a close look at all new backlinks of your competitors so that you don’t miss a link opportunity. On the other side, this tool informs you about lost backlinks.

14 Day Free Trial

Try out all features for free. After the trial ends, you can continue using the free plan.