Backlink Checker

Monitor your backlinks. Find out who is linking to your website. And which backlinks you have lost. Get email reports about your weekly changes.

Main features of the Backlink Checker

New & Lost Backlinks

Find new and lost backlinks to your website or competitors site.

Follow / No-Follow

Distinguish between follow and no-follow links and show the ratio between them.

Email Reports

Receive weekly email reports with changes in your backlinks.

Top Anchor Texts

Analyze and optimize your Anchor Texts. 

Top Links

Show the pages with the most backlinks.

TLD Distribution

From which TLD's do the most backlinks come.

Why do you need a Backlink Checker?

Backlink monitoring is essential for your backlink building. Building backlinks is one of the main principles and cornerstones in a SEO optimization. 

Find out who links to you and what they write about you. How is the quality of the linking page? Are there any errors that you should point out to the author?

Links of very poor quality could harm your backlink profile and should be removed with the Google Disavow tool.

You can lose backlinks again. Only with a backlink checker you will know about the removal and you will be able to react to it.

When you build links, you should pay attention to the follow and no-follow ratio of the links, these should always remain in balance, otherwise it could come to a devaluation due to an unnatural link building.

The advantages of our Backlink Checker

It doesn't matter if you want to track your own site's backlinks or those of your competitors. The Backlink Checker allows you to analyze any domain for backlinks and monitor for changes in the link profile with weekly updates.


Apply different filters to find the type of backlinks you want.

Lost Backlink Reasons

There are many reasons for lost backlinks. Therefore, we show the error code or reason for the absence.


Export the desired backlinks in Excel format for further processing.

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