In the Backlink Checker you can track the backlinks for your website and those of your competitors. The backlinks are updated weekly and if you have activated the backlinks under SEO-Monitoring, you will receive an email report to the specified email address.

Here, the individual areas are explained, which you can find in the right menu under Backlinks:

Backlink Checker Overview

In the Backlinks Overview you will find all important data:

Backlink Profile Overview

  • Number of all found backlinks
  • Number of domains with backlinks
  • Number of IPs with backlinks
  • Number of Class C subnets

New / Lost Backlinks - results of the last weekly scan:

  • Number of new backlinks
  • Number of new domains with backlinks
  • Lost backlinks
  • Lost domains

Other data

  • Ratio of follow and no-follow links
  • TLD Distribution
  • Top Anchor Texts
  • Top Links

Add domain

To display backlinks for a new domain, click on the current domain and enter a new URL in the popup that opens under Add Domain. After that it will search for backlinks of the entered domain, this can take 20-30 minutes. You can always return to the page to see the results.

All backlinks

In this menu you will find all backlinks found so far which are still valid.
In the displayed table you can search for source and target pages and filter and sort by link type.

The source page from which a link leads to your page is displayed.
The text snippet with the embedded link.
The target URL on your page.
The link type: Follow or Nofollow.

Export the backlinks to Excel

In the footer of the backlink table is an export button that generates an Excel document with all backlink data.

New and Lost Backlinks

You will find 2 tabs here. One with new backlinks and one with lost backlinks found during the last weekly scan.

Tab new backlinks

All backlinks found during the last weekly scan are displayed here.

In addition to the columns already described, there is an additional column here that shows whether the link comes from a new domain or a domain already known from previous scans.

Tab lost backlinks

All backlinks that could not be found or temporarily not found during the last weekly scan are displayed here.

Besides the already described columns, here is an additional column with the reason why the link was not found. These can be temporary reasons, e.g. because the page could not be reached at the moment, or permanent ones, such as a deleted page or removed link.