How to find and monitor broken links 

 April 3, 2022

Is your site full of broken links? SERPtimizer lets you find and fix broken links on your site, and it alert you when new broken links appear.  

Broken links affect the user experience, increase bounce rates, and can negatively impact rankings.

How to find broken internal or external links

In SERPtimizer, click on Dashboard to check for broken links: 

serptimizer dashboard

Ensure that you have already crawled your website and that the crawl date is current. You can re-crawl your website for new data by clicking the crawl button.  

The SEO Audit Issues on the same page will list broken links, such as “Broken Link (HTTP 4xx)” or “Broken Link (HTTP 5xx). You can view only the broken links by clicking the issue link.  

broken link issues

By clicking on the link, you can access the SEO Audit / Links page where you can see all your links. To make sure only broken links are displayed, select the relevant issue.
You may also select a link type to choose between internal and external links.

link audit

The table will provide the link URLs and their HTTP Status code. The “Linking Page” is the URL of the page containing the link.

Some broken links may not be broken. Some security tools prevent crawlers from displaying pages correctly. If there is a broken link issue, you might want to check this link manually to make sure that it is really dead.

Monitor your site’s broken links automatically

To enable automatic monitoring of broken link issues, click on Dashboard / Settings:

dashboard settings button

Ensure that “Crawl External Links” is enabled on the “Project / SEO Audit” tab. 

project / seo audit

On the “SEO-Monitoring” tab, enable “Recurring Crawling” and select the crawling frequency:

seo monitoring

SERPtimizer notifies you by email if it finds any issues after a new crawl.