Keyword Rank Tracker

Our keyword rank tracker tool allows you to monitor and maximize the ranking of your keywords on multiple search engines and multiple locations.

Key features of the Keyword Rank Tracker Tool

Daily Keyword Rank Updates

Our rank tracker checks every day the rankings of all your keywords. The current rank, change over a certain number of days and the trend over the selected period are displayed. This allows you to respond to ranking fluctuations due to a Google algorithm update or other changes on your website.

All Search Engines: Google, Bing and Yahoo

The Keyword Rank Tracker supports the following search engines: Google (Desktop / Mobile / News / Maps and Map Pack), Bing and Yahoo. This way you can focus on the ranking requirements of the individual search engine and optimize specifically.

All Search Engines

Local Keyword Search from any Location

Our keyword rank tracker tool allows tracking keyword rankings anywhere in the world. Narrow your search by selecting country and city of your desired location. Optimize your ranking for different locations and monitor your ranking developments to fine tune your local SEO strategy.

Rank Tracker for Desktop and Mobile

Mobile use continues to increase. This must be taken into account during optimization. Google uses mobile-first indexing, which means that the crawler indexes your mobile version of the page and any errors in the mobile version will affect your desktop rankings. Also, rankings between mobile and desktop can be very different.

Data gathered by our Rank Tracker

Shows the current rank, position changes over a selected range, average position, position distributions, SERP features and the SERP-Snippet of the search result with URL, title and description of all keywords or a selected group of keywords.

People also ask - SERP feature

 SERP Features

In the SERP Features area, you will be able to display components of SERPs such as Reviews, Frequently Asked Questions or Sitelinks that correlate with your keyword ranking.

Find ranking keywords of your website

We show you the keywords with all important data (e.g.: position, traffic, volume, CPC, competition, traffic costs) for which your domain already ranks. You can even check for which keywords your competitors rank.

Organize your keywords with tags

Categorize your keywords with keyword tags. This way you can optimize each category of keywords separately and create individual PDF reports.

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