Link Prospector

Link building is the best sustainable way to build your visibility, organic traffic and domain authority. Collect your link prospects for possible backlinks faster with our link prospector.

What is a Link Prospector?

Link Prospecting is the act of finding and evaluating suitable sources for potential backlinks for your website. Link Prospecting is a major key part in the link building process which in itself is the best way to sustainably build your visibility, organic traffic and domain authority.

The Link Prospector allows you to get the most out of your link building analysis by showing you the most relevant pages for your selected keywords. You could, of course, enter keywords directly in the search engine and laboriously click through from one link to another. But the Link Prospector can do much more.

Within seconds, it evaluates a list of keywords and displays them sorted by the number of links to your competitors. Of course, you can also display the list according to keyword relevance or keyword SERP rank and filter it according to other keywords. Each link can be marked so that you can recognize links you have already visited.

Using the Link Prospecting Tool

Enter your desired keywords into the Link Prospecting Tool and watch the Link Builder take up its work. This tool will provide you with the web pages that create the most links relevant to the selected keywords.

All this information is listed on the Link Creators tab. There you will also find the title, URL, number of outbound links to your competitors, the SERP rank of the keyword, the relevance of the links to the keyword, and the number of follow and no-follow links.

The Competitors tab shows you the competitors for the keywords used. These are the pages that receive the most links within this analysis. The title, URL, SERP rank and number of links received are displayed.

URL Import

Did you collect backlinks from your competitors? Then you can insert them into the URL importer and evaluate all links in no time at all.

Filtering the results

The Link Prospecting Tool offers a variety of filter functions. You can use these filters to restrict the search results. This includes searching for specific links and link types, including Follow/No-Follow. The Prospecting Tool also allows you to filter results by entering a search term in the URL or title. You can also sort the results by different search preferences such as number of links, relevance, keyword rank, etc.

Broken Link Scanner

The broken link scanner finds faulty links. The Broken Link Scanner displays the number of broken links after completion. By clicking on the number, a detail popup with URL, result code and error description appears. This way you can significantly increase your chances of a link through the so-called “Broken Link Building Strategy”:

Broken Link Building Strategy in a nutshell

  • Find a web page with a broken link
  • Check if you can replace the broken link with one of your web pages
  • Reach out to the author
  • Ask him to replace the faulty link with your link

Relationship Management

Our Link Prospecting Tool helps you to keep track of the large amount of data. Once you have found a page, you can mark it as favorite, contacted or linked. You can also leave a comment and by clicking on the delete icon, the link will no longer be displayed in later analysis. The “Relationships” menu item will show you the list of all the relationships you have. Here you can update the status of existing relationships at any time.

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