The project settings allow you to modify the settings of the currently selected website. Here you can change the project details, crawler settings, issue severity, SEO audit email reports and backlink email reports..

Project Settings

To access the settings, click the “Settings…” button.

Tab “Project / SEO Audit”

  • Project Name
    The name of the project
  • Project URL
    The URL of the website for the SEO audit.
  • Crawl Subdomains
    Specifies whether subdomains of the URL should be crawled. Otherwise they are treated like external links.
  • Crawler Waiting Time
    Pause in milliseconds between requests when crawling the website.
  • Crawl External Links
    External links are also checked if enabled. This will allow you to find dead links. However, this can significantly slow crawling.

Tab “SEO Audit Severity”

Each SEO audit issue can be assigned a severity level between ‘Error’, ‘Warning’, ‘Info’ or ‘Ignore’ here.  

When clicking on a category, the severity level can be set for each issue. If you set the severity level to ‘Ignore’, the errors will no longer be displayed.

Tab “SEO-Monitoring”

If you set up SEO monitoring, you will be notified about errors detected during automatic crawling. You can also receive emails about new and lost backlinks.

SEO Audit Monitoring

If the ” Recurring Crawling” checkbox is selected on this tab under SEO Audit, the SEO audit will be performed automatically in the specified number of days “Frequency” and the SEO audit report will be sent to the specified email address.

You can select when a notification email should be sent:

– After each crawl

– Only in case of errors

– Only on errors and warnings

Backlink Monitoring

If you activate the backlinks monitoring, you will be informed about all changes of your backlinks on a weekly basis. This includes both new and lost backlinks.