SEO Audit Tool

Discover the advantages of the enhanced SERPtimizer SEO Audit Tool, designed to provide you with everything you need for successful SEO management. With features like comprehensive SEO audits, a report designer, automatic crawling, and customizable settings, this tool offers a complete solution for your technical SEO optimization.

Create multiple projects

Our basic package already allows you to create 10 unique projects. You can tailor each audit, limiting the crawl to specific subdomains or extending it to include external links.

Customize automatic crawling

SERPtimizer provides flexible, customizable recurring crawls, enabling you to set your preferred frequency. For more streamlined monitoring, set up email alerts tailored to your needs – receive them only when errors are detected, for warnings, or for each completed crawl, ensuring optimal control over your websites.

SEO audit issues

The dashboard gives you a clear view of all SEO audit issues, neatly arranged according to their criticality. This visual prioritization helps you focus on urgent fixes first, streamlining your workflow and enabling more efficient optimization of your site’s SEO health and performance.

Comprehensive site audit menu

The site audit menu offers a detailed look into aspects like Page Structure, Titles, Descriptions, Headers, Content, Images, Canonical Tags, Links, Linked Domains, Page Depth, and Page Speed. Quickly identify areas of concern with error and warning indicators displayed for each subsection, providing a comprehensive, at-a-glance understanding of your site’s SEO health, without having to dig into each category.

Visual report designer

Generate insightful reports effortlessly with the visual report designer. Utilize the intuitive drag-and-drop feature to compile a comprehensive document that showcases your site’s SEO performance and potential enhancements.