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SEO Audit Tool for your website audit

Evaluate your site under SEO Audit and discover how it is performing. Whether you are aiming at optimizing your site for SEO or considering a redesign, our SEO Audit Tool comes with a full suite of features needed to deeply understand how each component of your pages works and to help you alining all key components in the right direction for a wholesome and substantial SEO Optimization of your website.


SEO Audit is a substantial website audit function at your disposal

An onpage optimization is a quite complex task but thankfully due to our website audit gaining an overview over the current status is an easy task. The crawler from our SEO Audit Tool regularly analyzes your website. Receive hints and details on your site’s structure, site titles, meta descriptions, headlines, pictures, contents, as well as canonical tags, links and pagespeed

Missing title, Meta Description and Header example - SEO Audit from serptimizer

Title, Description and Header

Each page needs a title, meta description and header. Possible errors are when a description is missing, has been used multiple times, is too long or too short, is repeated on another page or the tag used does not contain any text. The SEO audit tool shows you explicitly each site’s potential for improvement.

Display all internal and external links

All of your internal and external links are being checked for various errors. Incorrect links are displayed with the exact HTTP status code. With our onpage SEO check you can either choose to display all internal or external links or a selection of your choosing.

Look up all internal and external links on your website with in our website audit tool

Canonical Tags

Canonical tags are – amongst other benefits – important to avoid Duplicate Content. Find out in the practical overview of the SEO audit site analyzer how and whether Canonical tags have been set for your subpages. The selection automatically lists the results per problem area, so that you have all issues gathered in one spot for your comfort and so that you can tackle all issues of one area altogether without having to organize yourself.

Onpage SEO check: Optimize pictures and images

In the section for pictures you can find out where alt attributes are missing. The Onpage SEO Check provides information about the image title, height and width and a thumbnail image for the corresponding image are also displayed for you to quickly recognize the picture that needs to be worked on.

SEO Audit Tool Report function

SEO Audit Email Alerts – customize crawling frequency

In case of errors on your site, our site analyzer will notify you by email. You can choose how often you want to crawl with the SEO audit. We can review your page every 24 hours. This way you will immediately be notified of new errors and can correct them.

Customizable Issue Reports

Decide for yourself how important an issue is for you. For each issue you can specify whether it is an error, warning or not relevant to you. If this is not relevant to you, you can also choose to set the reporting message of the seo audit tool to be ignored.

Customizable reports in our site analyzer - serptimizer

SEO Audit Tool: Issues with headers displayed for your convinience

Try out free SEO Audit Tool – 14 days free trial

Optimize your titles, descriptions and content. Keep track of internal and external links, language settings and other meta-tags. You can continue to use the website audit and all other SEO analysis tools of serptimizer for up to 1000 pages free of charge even after the 14-day test.

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14 Day Free Trial

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