SEO Audit Tool

Check your site for errors and keep track of everything. Configure the SEO Audit Tool according to your needs.

Advantages of SERPtimizer SEO Audit Tool

10 projects already in free package

In the Free package you can create up to 10 projects and perform SEO audit for all sites at the same time.

Supports multilingual websites

Supports multilingual websites. Easy switching between multiple languages is possible.

Email Alerts

Receive an email when errors occur. You can customize the email alerts to your needs and ignore less important alerts.

Report Designer

Impress your customers with a comprehensive report and your own logo.

SEO Audit - On-Page and Off-Page

The following parameters are taken into account during the SEO audit. These are essential for successful onpage optimization.

Title, description and header

There are many ways that titles, descriptions, and headings can go wrong. Duplicate titles from the last redesign are one of them. Our crawler regularly checks for such errors on your page as well as giving you an overview of all these data in one place.

Internal and external links

Internal links are the foundation of your website. External links are an important aspect of SEO as they point back to you. By checking these and other key factors, SERPtimizer provides you with an in-depth SEO audit that you can rely on.

Webpage Images

Find out where Alt attributes are missing. Find all parameters about each image: Title, Alt. Width and Height. Sort by Informative, Functional and Decorative images.

Canonical Tags

Canonical tags are important, among other things, to avoid duplicate content. However, errors can creep in unnoticed, e.g. due to a newly installed plugin in WordPress.

Website Performance

Check the performance of your website with this tool. Here you can see all the loaded resources and the corresponding performance parameters: Loading time, transferred size, total size after unpacking, number of errors that occurred during the loading process, GZip compression rate and number of resources.

Start now with the optimization

Check your website for errors now. After the 14 days trial, you can continue using the SEO Audit Tool for free.