Getting Started

Get all the basics to start working with SERPtimizer

Project Settings

The project settings allow you to modify the settings of the currently selected website. Here you can change the project details, crawler settings, issue severity, SEO audit email reports and…

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Analyze Backlinks

In the Backlink Checker you can track the backlinks for your website and those of your competitors. The backlinks are updated weekly and if you have activated the backlinks under…

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Website Auditing

The SEO Audit Tool identifies problems on your website and helps you fix them. It provides a detailed report of all issues, such as: Duplicate contentBroken linksMissing meta tagsLong /…

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Tracking Keywords

The Keyword Rank Tracker Tool allows you to monitor the rankings for selected keywords. It can be used to determine whether a keyword is trending up or down in search…

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How to Guides

Advanced how to guides

How to find and monitor broken links

Is your site full of broken links? SERPtimizer lets you find and fix broken links on your site, and it alert you when new broken links appear.¬†¬†Broken links affect the user experience, increase bounce rates, and can negatively impact rankings.How to find broken internal or external linksIn SERPtimizer, click on Dashboard to check for broken…

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