The Keyword Rank Tracker Tool allows you to monitor the rankings for selected keywords. It can be used to determine whether a keyword is trending up or down in search results.

Add keywords

To add a new keyword for daily rank tracking, click on “Add Keywords”:

In the following dialog select the country, search engine, device (desktop or mobile), language and enter one or more keywords. Each keyword comes in a new line.

Optionally, “City” is available for the local search from any location.

With the next parameter “Keyword Group”, the entered keywords are assigned to a selected group. Here, any term can be entered to which the keywords are assigned, or an already used group can be selected.

Suggested keywords

In the same dialog you will find further below keywords suggested for this domain, under which the domain is already visible in the search results. In the first column you will find a thick plus sign, with which you can directly select the keywords. You can select multiple keywords at the same time.

The “Tag Cloud” shows the most used terms in “Keyword Suggestions”. If you click on a term in the “Tag Cloud”, suggestions with this term appear.

Delete keywords

Keywords that are monitored daily in the Rank Tracker can of course be deleted again. To do so, go to the Keyword Tracker overview, where you will find a link to delete the keyword in the last column. However, this should be considered carefully, because the entire history is also deleted and can no longer be restored.