The SEO Audit Tool identifies problems on your website and helps you fix them.

It provides a detailed report of all issues, such as:

  • Duplicate content
  • Broken links
  • Missing meta tags
  • Long / Short titles
  • Missing Image ALT attributes
  • Canonical tags

As soon as you register, your site is automatically checked. To check it again, proceed as follows.

Start a new SEO Audit

In the dashboard you will find the “Crawl” button, which allows you to create an SEO audit.

SEO Audit crawl button

The crawling of the website starts immediately and is usually completed within a few minutes, depending on the size of the website. Under “SEO Audit Issues” you will find an evaluation of the last SEO audit. This is sorted by severity.

SEO Audit Issues

Your dashboard will show the SEO Audit Issues that will be updated after the next crawl. You can see the issue name, number of found issues, the description and severity of the issue. There is also an “Ignore” Link to hide this issue.

By clicking on an issue name you will be redirected to the corresponding detail view, where you can find more information.You can ignore an issue by clicking “Ignore” in the last column, and it will not be displayed again. The “Ignore” can be reset in the Settings under tab SEO Audit Severity.