All-in-one SEO Toolkit for website optimization

We provide you with all the search engine optimization tools you need.

Our SEO Toolkit has all the tools you need

We provide SEO tools such as SEO audit, keyword research, backlink analysis and link building tools.

SEO Audit Tool

Examine your website for both on-page and off-page issues. With the help of our SEO Audit tool, you will be able to see what needs to be done on all areas of your site.

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Keyword Rank Tracker

Using all major search engines, we check your keywords every day from any location for desktop and mobile. By using keyword tags, even if you have many keywords you can stay on top of them.

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Domain Keyword Finder

Have you ever wondered under which keywords your competitors rank or under which keywords your pages are visible?

Backlink Checker

Check which backlinks you have received or lost, and which ones your competitors have. Additionally, you can also see the different strategies your competitors use to gain backlinks.

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Link Prospector

Find new opportunities to build backlinks. With keyword-specific queries, you can get all relevant URLs sorted by outbound links pointing to your competitors.

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Benefits of using our SEO Toolkit

Free Site Audit

Site Audit is free to use for up to 10 projects and 500 pages each after the free trial ends.

Report Designer

With our report designer, you can create PDF reports with your logo to impress your customers.

Email Reports

Get email reports when your website experiences errors or when backlinks are gained or lost.

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